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Patreon Vs. OnlyFans – Which is Better?


Posted at:06/08/2021

As society progresses in terms of affluence, internet connectivity, and information accessibility, the rise of slash generation is an observable trend happening around the globe, as witnessed by the rapid increase in number of Youtubers and podcasters in recent years.

OnlyFans and Patreon are two of the “Content Monetization Platforms” – allowing creators to introduce their premium membership programs. While creators offering adult content generally opt for OnlyFans and creators targetting at general public opt for Patreon, there are some reasons why creators have their accounts in two sites – perhaps they find Patreon too restrictive over content, or OnlyFans too expensive. 

In this article, I will compare Patreon and OnlyFans so that you, as creators, can see which site works best for you.

  1. What are Patreon and OnlyFans?
  2. Patreon Vs. OnlyFans - Different Target Audience and Market Niches
  3. Patreon Better Than OnlyFans – Lower Processing Fees and Pricing
  4. OnlyFans Better Than Patreon – Greater Flexibility For Creators
  5. Key Takeaways
  6. Food For Thought


1. What are Patreon and OnlyFans?

Similarly, Patreon and OnlyFans are subscription-based membership sites whereby supporters need to sign up for membership (often accompanied with a certain subscription fee) to access content. In running the sites, Patreon and OnlyFans charge their creators a percentage-based fee of their earnings, which is the main revenue stream of Patreon and OnlyFans.

The table below lists the major differences between Patreon and OnlyFans.




Target Audience

General Audience

Those who are interested in Adult Content

Fees and Pricing


+ around 3% payment processing fee


(payment processing fee included)

Cashout Method

Via Stripe, PayPal, and Payoneer;

Manual withdrawal or Automatic payment (monthly)

Via Bank Account, E-wallet, Venmo or PayPal (depending on your location);

Manual withdrawal or Automic payment (weekly or monthly)

Revenue Channels of Creators

From users’ monthly subscription


From users’ monthly subscription + Tips + pay-per-view messages

Direct Messages (DMs) your Supporters

Text messages only

Text, photos, and voice notes

Time they Charge Users

On 1st day of the month

On the day users sign up


Integration with sites such as Discord, WordPress, Streamlabs, Mailchimp and ConvertKit; Easier to promote on different social media accounts

Less convenient to promote; IG and TikTok could ban users for advertising OnlyFans accounts

Allowed Content

Nudity is allowed but needs to be carefully flagged as “Adult Content”. Explicit content is prohibited.

All except for public sex content


2. Patreon Vs. OnlyFans – Different Target Audience and Market Niches

As dubbed by the New York Times as “the paywall of porn”, OnlyFans targets at the adult entertainment industry. It has already paid out more than $600 million to creators since its 2016 launch, and has currently around 50 million users and 1 million creators.

Patreon, on the other hand, targets at the general public. They run subscriptions for all categories of creators such as YouTubers, wecomic artists, writers, podcasters, musicians and adult content creators on a recurring basis or per work of art. That explains why Patreon requires creators to mark their content and has a stricter guideline for creators. Since its launch in 2013, they have accumulated 6 million users and more than 200,000 creators


3. Patreon Better Than OnlyFans – Lower Processing Fee and Pricing

While Patreon offers 3 different plans charging 8% to 15% of your earnings (see the comparison table above for details), OnlyFans retains a 20% fee. The most observable difference between Patreon and OnlyFans is the fee they charge creators, and the high processing fee is one of the biggest disadvantages of using Onlyfans.

Patreon's Pricing

OnlyFans's Pricing


4. OnlyFans Better Than Patreon - Greater Flexibility For Creators

Diversified Revenue Streams: While OnlyFans enables diversified modes for creators to generate income, Patreon allows membership-tier options (for Pro and Premium Creators only). Creators on OnlyFans can earn through introducing monthly subscription plans between $4.99–$49.99, introducing free pages and charging supporters who access content on a pay-per-view basis, as well as receiving tips

Membership-tier Options 


"Pay-per-view message" Function 


Better Managing your Sales: OnlyFans features discount bundles offering greater flexibility for creators to introduce their content. For instance, you can offer a discount for 7 days to the first 10 subscriptions on OnlyFans. You have more freedom in managing your sales on OnlyFans than Patreon which offers only multi-level bonus content and "Special Offers" feature.


Comparison between Patreon (left) Vs OnlyFans (right)


Talk to your supporters: While OnlyFans allows creators to interact with their supporters via texts, photos and voice notes, messaging is the only interactive channel on Patreon. 


Comparison between Patreon (left) Vs OnlyFans (right)

Generally speaking, OnlyFans provides creators with more freedom in supporter engagement, content delivery and sale methods.


5. Key Takeaways

The table summerises the features of Patreon and OnlyFans respectively.





  • Better integration with other sites and posts
  • Relatively lower proceesing fee (8%-15%)
  • More diverse categories of content and user demographics
  • Greater flexiblity in revenue channels for creators and supporter engagement
  • Less scrutiny over content 
  • Larger audience size for adult content


  • Percentage-based fee mechanism
  • Fewer features (e.g. no option for "tips" or "pay-per-view)
  • More restrictions over content
  • Percentage-based fee mechanism
  • 20% cut of your earnings
  • Poor integration with other sites

For creators specialising in adult-content, it is undeniable that OnlyFans provides a more user-friendly and carefree platform with greater flexibility in pricing modes and content. These features, and the fact that OnlyFans has a larger audience size of people who are interested in adult content definitely help creators who start to grow their audience. Yet, the 20% high cut urges more established or reputable creators to move away from OnlyFans. 

In conclusion, if you are a starter of content creator who wish to upload more “controversial” content, OnlyFans is your best option. Yet, if you already have your own big fanbase, Patreon could be a better choice.


6. Food For Thought

Both platforms share the same cons – the percentage-based fee model. For celebrities on OnlyFans like Balc Chyna, OnlyFans charges $15 millions per month, which is an astonishing number. As Patreon and OnlyFans are providing SaaS, it makes more sense for them to charge their users (i.e. creators) by internet traffic the sites process or handle. A more sensible pricing model shall be based on the number of users – yet it could reduce their revenue to a large extent. 




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