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Create your link-in-bio web page with our quick setup widget, design your membership tier and publish private newsfeeds to members all-in-one place.


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Quick setup and launch 

At RakoSell, you can create your bio link page, set up an online store and online course, or choose to customize your membership site and website 

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Embed your video and podcast

You can insert different links at your "link in bio" page and easily convert the link to multi-media format, where you can showcase your Youtube video, Apple and Spotify Podcast to the audience with a more interactive design. 

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Build-in with membership

Unlike link-in-bio tools, you can develop your membership tier with your link-in-bio page at Rakosell. With more flexibility, you can design the perks and access for each type of member. 

  • Attract fans with free and paid content for different membership tier 
  • Design access control for every web page and content  
  • Send automated email notification to members
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