RakoSell offers 5 main features:

  • Create membership websites and creator pages
  • Set up membership subscription plans
  • Sell digital virtual products*, manage customer orders and data
  • Create online courses
  • Establish automated member communications and sales funnels to enhance conversion rates
  • Accept tipping from your members

*Virtual products uploaded on the RakoSell platform can be protected and prevented from copyright infringement by adding complex identity tracking watermarks.

RakoSell is ideal for content creators, mentors, educators, influencers, and bloggers specializing in various fields. In addition to selling content and knowledge online, you can also utilize the membership system to build your own community of paid subscribers.

We have successfully assisted creators from diverse domains, including novice content creators and traditional offline tutors, in establishing comprehensive and scalable membership platforms.

RakoSell is an all-in-one platform that enables creators and educators to effortlessly establish their online presence and grow their businesses through membership subscriptions, online courses, and virtual product sales.

RakoSell is an all-in-one platform that enables creators and educators to effortlessly establish their online presence and grow their businesses through membership subscriptions, online courses, and virtual product sales.

Key features of the RakoSell platform include:

  • SEO functionality for optimizing each website page.
  • Automated email newsletters for promoting new products and content.
  • Flexibility to publish blog articles and exclusive member content.
  • Easy management and extraction of customer data.
  • Integration of LINE and WhatsApp customer service tools into your personal webpage.

You can earn income by selling digital virtual products, offering membership subscription plans, and utilizing the member tipping feature.

You can start by creating your sales pages and products on RakoSell, and then simply add the RakoSell page links to your existing website.

The Basic Plan of RakoSell is completely free. You can sign up and use it by providing your email address and website name. You can experience all the features under the "Basic Plan." Fees are only charged after you have sold your first product. For more details, please refer to the pricing table.

RakoSell has its own proprietary technology to protect against content theft. For files such as documents, photos, and videos uploaded to the system, you can choose to apply a composite identity tracking watermark, enhancing the protection of your work's copyright.

In addition to the Basic Plan, RakoSell also offers Advanced Plans and Custom Plans. If you want to lower order processing fees and have access to more storage capacity, you can contact RakoSell's professional customer team for plan upgrade options. You can enter your credit card information in the "Billing & Account" section of the dashboard to proceed with the upgrade. For more details, please refer to the pricing table.

Stripe: You can easily accept various payment methods, including credit cards, online bank transfers, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, through the Stripe online payment processing platform.

Regarding Stripe:

Stripe supports 130+ currencies (click here for details).

For Stripe Hong Kong users, there is a transaction fee of 3.4% + HK$2.35 per transaction.

For Stripe Taiwan users, there is a transaction fee of 5.4% + NT$8.5 per transaction, with an additional remittance fee of 1.1%.

ECPay by Green World (for Taiwan users): Taiwan users can receive payments through ECPay by Green World, an electronic payment service that allows convenient acceptance of various payment methods such as credit cards, ATM transfers, and convenience store payments. Please refer to our pricing table for more details.

Currently, Stripe does not provide such an option. For other payment methods, you will need to refer to the available features and options provided by each individual payment gateway or payment tool.

RakoSell provides the following options for video uploads:

RakoSell's own video upload system: It allows streaming through Vimeo and includes in-built copyright protection features, such as the option to add composite identity tracking watermarks to videos.

YouTube: You can upload videos to RakoSell using YouTube.

Vimeo: RakoSell also supports video uploads through Vimeo, excluding viewers from mainland China.

Other Chinese video platforms: RakoSell supports integration with other Chinese video platforms for uploading videos.

Please note that the availability of these options may vary depending on your location and specific platform restrictions.

Yes, it is possible. When setting up the course, you can choose to enable the "Free Preview" mode for specific video lessons. This allows visitors to the sales page to watch the preview video of that lesson for free.

Please note that this feature allows potential learners to have a glimpse of the course content before making a purchase decision.

Currently, the platform does not have its own EDM tool. Creators can choose to use other EDM email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, GetResponse, or Sendinblue, and then add the links within RakoSell.

The platform is currently working on integrating with Zapier for automation purposes. For more information, please contact the Rakosell professional customer team.