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GoFundMe vs. Patreon: A Detailed Comparison


Posted at:07/01/2021


Content Monetisation Platforms are experiencing exponential growth. Not only we see increasing users on established platforms such as Patreon and Ko-fi (see my blog comparing Patreon vs Ko-fi), but also social media giants such as Youtube and Twitter putting forward their member-based subscription plans.

With the skyrocketing growth of content monetisation platforms, creators could easily get lost among the platform names. In the article, I will clarify the confusion difference between GoFundMe and Patreon, and hopefully could assist talented creators in opting in between.

  1. What are Patreon and GoFundMe?
  2. GoFundMe v.s Patreon – Start With Different Aspirations   
  3. GoFundMe Better Than Patreon – Lower Commission Taken and Instant Cashout
  4. Patreon Better Than GoFundMe – Integration and Compatibility  
  5. Key Takeaway

1. What are Patreon and GoFundMe? 

Patreon and GoFundMe are both established with a common aim of monetizing content. While Patreron is a subscription-based website for creators, GoFundMe is a popular fundraising platform. 

Adopting a subscription-based membership model, Pateron was created especially for creators who contribute content on a regularly basis. Since its launch, they have accumulated 6 million patrons as their users and more than 200,000 creators(see previous blog: Everything You Need to Know When Starting on Patreon). On the other hand, GoFundMe advocates that helping each other is human nature and GoFundMe simply brings people together. A campaign creator could tell his/her story and start his/her GoFundMe campaign through photos, texts or videos. Sharing the campaign to their supporters, families and friends, campaigners are able to receive the denotion and manage their fundrasing goals on GoFundMe platform. Since its launch in 2010, the donation-based crowdfunding platform has raised $9 billion boating of 70 million donors.


Patreon's Homepage Illustrating its Goal


GoFundMe Fundraising Categories 

How GoFundMe Works

Key differences are identified:




Fees and Pricing for Creators

5-12% + around 3% payment processing fees

How much does Patreon Take?

0-5% (depends on locations) + around 3% payment processing fees

Cashout Method for creators

Via Stripe, PayPal, and Payoneer;

Manual withdrawal or Automatic payment (monthly)

Instant and direct payment to creators

Revenue Channels of Creators

From supporters’ monthly subscription


From fundraising campaigns 


Integration with sites such as Discord, WordPress, Streamlabs, Mailchimp and ConvertKit; Easier to promote on different social media accounts

GoFundMe styled widget of your fundraising campaigns can be embedded


*Please note that social media like Facebook or Twitter might not allow HTML embedding, which means that you can only paste your campaign URL. Only WordPress Business Plan allows HTML widget embedding.

For Creators who

  • Offer membership plans 
  • Produce recurring content
  • Value “integration”
  • Wish to raise funds
  • Initiate one-off campaign
  • Pursue a personal purpose 


2. GoFundMe vs. Patreon – Start With Different Aspirations

GoFundMe are designated for individual fundraising campaigns while Patreon focuses on regular content creators who wish to monetize their content. The subscription-based model of Patreon displayed how audience/Patrons pay a monthly subscription fee ranging from 5-12% in exchange of exclusive content for members. Creators often entails the perks and benefits of members in different tiers. Members generally would expect to receive the relevant content/ rewards accordingly.

GoFundMe serves an entire different purpose and model – “fundraising for the people and causes you care about”. Fundraisers need money for various reasons – in need of an urgent medical treatment, possessing a dream to realise, or having an aspiration to build a school. On GoFundMe, they can launch their campaigns and shout out for support. For whatever reasons, supporters can offer their generous donations to fundraisers on his/her campaigns. Campaign creators can also provide some sorts of rewards in return to show his gratitude, yet usually supporters do not really expect “return”. That explains why Patreon offers recurring membership subscription while donation is often one-off on GoFundMe.

GoFundMe's Goal

3. GoFundMe Better Than Patreon – Lower Commission Taken and Instand Cash out

While Patreon takes 5%-12% cut of the creators’ earnings, around 5% (depending on locations) is taken by GoFundMe. The edge of GoFundMe is self-explanatory. While the ultimate goal of most creators is profit-earning, GoFundMe wins for its relatively lower commission on your earnings.

Patreon's Pricing

GoFundMe's Pricing (in different locations)



Also, there is no minimum balance requirement on GoFundMe while it requires $10 - $25 (depends on whether you are US-creators) minimum to be able to pay out on Patreon. The threshold is not unacceptably high. Whether it is a significant consideration can vary from creator to creator.

4. Patreon Better Than GoFundMe – Integration and Compatibility  

Patreon works perfectly with sites such as Discord, WordPress, Zapier where creators can extend Patreon membership onto their sites and operate special features and member-only content on other sites. Also, it is compatible with other tools for management and analysis. Creator Metrics and MailChimp are a few examples in point.

GoFundMe, on the other hand, supports different sites and apps through embedding a button code or link. People who feel resonated with your story can simply click onto the button and make a direct donation. Yet, please note that social media like Facebook or Twitter might not allow HTML embedding, which means that you can only paste your campaign URL. Also, only WordPress Business Plan allows HTML widget embedding.

Integation tools/ compatible sites on GoFundMe

Tools, Apps and Resources on Patreon

5. Key Takeaways





  • Easy-to-use interface and more comprehensive website/app integration
  • Varieties of features
  • Around 5% commission (depends on locations)
  • Fundraising for a particular cause


  • Percentage-based fee mechanism of 8% -15% cut
  • Limited website/app integration
  • Narrow focus on fundraising


If you have a good/personal cause and wish to raise funds, GoFundMe is your best choice. However, if you wish to build a membership-tier plan and deliver content regularly, Patreon could serve your purpose.



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