Payment Services for Creators | RakoSell

RakoSell collaborates with payment partners, allowing creators and educators to receive payments directly into their own bank accounts.

Credit card payment arrangement:

The payment will be processed through RakoSell's partnered Hong Kong Stripe account.

As the account is based in Hong Kong, transactions from countries outside of Hong Kong, such as local transactions from Taiwan, will be considered international transactions. Stripe's transaction fee for such transactions is 3.4% + NT$8.5 (an additional 10% platform service fee is applicable for R18 content).

The default currency is HKD. If other currencies such as USD/TWD are collected, Stripe will charge a 2% conversion fee during withdrawal. The exchange rate and total amount will be based on Stripe's final amount.

For member subscription payments, Stripe will charge an additional 0.5% fee.

Upon receiving a withdrawal request, RakoSell will arrange local bank transfers through its local partners, incurring a fee of 4.6%.

Currently, withdrawals to your designated bank account are only supported for Hong Kong or Taiwan. For other locations or payment methods, additional confirmation may be required, and there may be additional fees involved.

To initiate a withdrawal, please contact customer service. For administrative convenience, each withdrawal should be a minimum of TW$2000 or HK$500.

Upon receiving a withdrawal request, we will reconcile the account and confirm the amount with you before transferring the balance to your bank account. After confirming the receipt of the transferred amount, we will arrange the transfer to your provided bank account. The entire process takes approximately 10 business days, subject to the funding status of the payment gateway.

We will attempt to arrange local transfer methods whenever possible. However, for large amounts, an overseas transfer may be necessary, incurring additional costs, which will be borne by the customer.

For large amounts, a B2B transfer may be required.

For alternative transfer methods, including crypto, please contact customer service.

Customer service will handle the arrangements.