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Analyzing the Pros and Cons of Starting Courses on the Hahow Online Course Platform (2024 Update)


Posted at:10/28/2021


If you are a skilled professional looking to sell your knowledge online and create passive income as an online tutor, choosing the right online course platform is crucial. For Mandarin-speaking tutors in Taiwan venturing into online teaching for the first time, Hahow Good School, the leading Taiwanese online teaching platform, is an excellent choice.

Founded in 2015, Hahow is the first crowdfunding-integrated online course platform in Asia. On Hahow, tutors can use crowdfunding to attract students at a discounted price before launching the course. During the crowdfunding process, tutors can interact with students, gather feedback, and optimize course content accordingly.

Hahow's Online Course Launch Process:

To start a course on Hahow, tutors need to submit a proposal for the online teaching course, including a crowdfunding video and course introduction, and set a pre-order target. If the pre-order target is reached within 30 days, the course can proceed to the preparation stage; otherwise, no course preparation is required.

Revenue Sharing Model:

Hahow has two revenue-sharing models based on where students purchase the online courses, with a proportional commission.

Model (1): Purchasing on the Hahow Online Course Platform:

If students purchase on the Hahow online course platform, the teacher receives a 50% commission from Hahow, obtaining half of the course's selling price, with a revenue-sharing ratio of 50-50.

Model (2): Purchasing through the Teacher's Promotional URL:

If students purchase the online course through the teacher's promotional channels, such as YouTube, blogs, or their own brand's URL, the teacher is charged a 10% commission by Hahow, obtaining 90% of the course's selling price.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Launching on Hahow:


Hahow's team provides course consultation services to help optimize your course. The crowdfunding model ensures market validation for your online teaching course before production.


High commission revenue-sharing ratio Limited control over the course, including content, pricing, and promotion methods Investing time in writing proposals and shooting videos for crowdfunding, with uncertain success Unstable success rate for course launches, as approval from Hahow is required, and the approval process takes two weeks Alternative Solutions:

For tutors with digital marketing skills or those looking to establish their online business, choosing an online course platform (such as RakoSell) might be more suitable. These platforms allow tutors to freely set course content and prices, providing more flexibility in promotion. RakoSell even offers SEO optimization features to improve the website's search engine ranking, increasing course exposure.

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