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OnlyFans Alternatives


Posted at:06/25/2021

It goes without saying that OnlyFans is the biggest website for hosting and promoting amateur-generated porn. Its decision to ban porns (the decision was suspended now) once has aroused global attention. As a a content monetization tool for adult content creators, it also serves an adult-content hub for members/ their fans. While it has helped x of creators in earning their passive income, it is notorious for its 30% cut of creators’ income. This article will analyse alternatives to OnlyFans so as to provide more insights to content creators.

What are the alternatives for OnlyFans? The article will categorise Onlyfans' alternatices and elaborate on the key difference in between, hopfully give an overview to creators who struggle to change platforms. 

    1. Cheaper Alternatives - Unlockd and AdultNode

    2. Porn Marketplace Alternatives – ModelHub.com and AVN Stars 

    3. Niche Alternatives - IsMyGuy, IsMyGirl, Inked Girls, and Just for Fans

    4. Mainstream Alternatives – Patreon

    5. Takeaways


1. Cheaper Alternatives - Unlockd and AdultNode

Unlockd: it takes 15% percentage cute of the creators’ total revenue, which is a cheaper option as compared to Onlyfans. It was originally designed for creators to seamline content creation process, yet it evolved into a “one stop shop” social media platform that provides stars with the ability to monetize your brand and content and a platform to interact with their fans. As one of the adult niche sites, it boats 570k active fans and 36k stars online.

Unlockd Homegroup 

AdultNode: The percentage cut is also around 15%. It is an adult-oriented social media site that operates a bit similar to Facebook with features of followers, users accounts, pages and groups. Many of the users describe it as the combination of “Twitter and Onlyfans”. The hybrid design approach could make navigation and engagement more interesting.

AdultNode Homegroup 


2. Porn Marketplace Alternatives – ModelHub.com and AVN Stars 

ModelHub.Com: It is powered by Pornhub is a fanclub section of PornHub offering multiple options for porn stars to earn a revenue. Previously called PornHubModels, it’s best for its digital impact and large volume of traffic every day. Yet, there isn’t a great difference between signing up as a model on ModelHub.com and posting content with a PornHub account. The standard revenue of free content comes from Ad while you might earn a revenue through tips and running your Fan Club.

ModelHub Homegroup 

AVN Stars: It is powered by the AVN Media Network specialising in the adult entertainment industry. It is a porn marketplace where anyone and everyone is welcome to sell porn of themselves. As shown by its name, it attempts to turn creators into “stars” through encouraging and assisting them in building their personal brands in the world of adult entertainment. Launching your profile page on AVN stars, you are provided with tons of opportunities to earn an income. Yet, people complaint that the website could be sluggish sometimes.

Pornhub and AVN Stars usually take 20% of the stars’ earnings.

AVN Stars


3. Niche Alternatives - IsMyGuy, IsMyGirl, Inked Girls, and Just for Fans

Some of the platforms however favor a narrower niche in the world of adult content. 

IsMyGuy: It is one of the guy’s favourites for obvious reasons. It is a one-stop-shop of different monetization methods including but are not limited to subscription, video sale and private messaging.

IsMyGirl: It serves the niche of lesbians. It also offers 10 diverse monetization methods for content creators allowing more flexibility for them to drive their own revenue.

Inked Girls: As shown by its name, most models are heavily tattooed. If you aspire to create content of such a theme, Inked Girls cannot be a second choice.

Just for Fans: LGBT community (particularly gay men) is the target audience of Just for Fans.

Just for Fans Homepage


4. Mainstream Alternatives – Patreon

Patreon: As one of the most popular monetization platforms for content creators, it offers to the general public. By that reason, stricter community guideline could apply which might hinder creators specialising in adult content from developing their businesses. It takes 8-15% cut of the creators’ income depending on which plans you opt for. The price it offers is definitely one of the advantages of Patreon attracting people having their presence.

See other options: Patreon Top Alternatives

Patreon Homepage


5. Takeaway

To sum up, there are many alternatives to Onlyfans – some take a smaller percentage cut on revenue while some focus on more niche markets.
If you are “serious” about adult content, ModelHub.Com and AVN Stars are your top choice.
If you look for a niche community, you can check on IsMyGuy, IsMyGirl, Inked Girls, and Just for Fans.
If you look for cheaper alternatives, Unlockd, AdultNode and Patreon are here for you!



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